12 Monkeys (1995)

This week we are joined by Barry Lam (Professor of Philosophy at Vassar College and host of HiPhi Nation) to discuss Terry Gilliam’s manic time travel science fiction masterpiece, 12 Monkeys! We explore how the film manifests the philosopher David Lewis’s theory of time travel, while also depicting the madness of foreknowledge and the futilityContinue reading “12 Monkeys (1995)”


Join us on an interstellar journey with friend Vishal Dave as we attempt to reignite the dying sun — it’s Danny Boyle’s unfairly overlooked 2007 sci-fi masterpiece, Sunshine! We discuss the ethics of self-sacrifice and the nature of embarking on a journey of no return. We ponder the enormity of the universe and what itContinue reading “SUNSHINE (2007)”

DUNE (1984) / DUNE (2021)

We sit down with fellow Dune-head John DeVore to discuss two DUNE movies — David Lynch’s 1984 troubled masterpiece, and Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 re-imagining of Arrakis. Can Villeneuve’s film live up to the inevitable hype? How do the two films capture the mystical weirdness of the book? What is that weird spider-person in the Harkonnen’sContinue reading “DUNE (1984) / DUNE (2021)”

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