DUNE (1984) / DUNE (2021)

We sit down with fellow Dune-head John DeVore to discuss two DUNE movies — David Lynch’s 1984 troubled masterpiece, and Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 re-imagining of Arrakis. Can Villeneuve’s film live up to the inevitable hype? How do the two films capture the mystical weirdness of the book? What is that weird spider-person in the Harkonnen’sContinue reading “DUNE (1984) / DUNE (2021)”


Bilge Ebiri (New York Magazine / Vulture) returns to talk with us about this classic nineties Wolfgang Petersen conspiracy thriller that pits an aging Secret Service Agent (Clint Eastwood) against an anarchistic terrorist (John Malkovich) intent on assassinating the President. We reflect on how the movie reflects cautiously on Eastwood’s broad career, regret and secondContinue reading “IN THE LINE OF FIRE (1993)”


The cows journey to Hamunaptra to find some ancient artifacts, and along the way revisit perhaps Brendan Fraser’s most famous works. Laura confesses her love for Brendan Fraser and Justin confesses his love for Arnold Vosloo, and attempts to make the case that the Mummy is a misunderstood villain. The cows enjoy the dual parallelContinue reading “THE MUMMY & THE MUMMY RETURNS”


Have you ever seen two cows swing through the trees? We talk about Brendan Fraser’s ultimate committed performance as George of the Jungle in this most silly and juvenile and heartfelt movie. We wonder about heroic fools, praise the film’s strategy of giving the central arc to Ursula, and comment on the film’s questionable presuppositionsContinue reading “GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE (1997)”


The cows begin their Frassersance mini-series with this wonderful curio of the 90s, about a pair of high school dorks (Sean Astin and Pauly Shore) who find a frozen caveman (Brendan Fraser) in their backyard. We discuss the film as an adoption story, and explore what parents can learn from the innocence of their children.Continue reading “ENCINO MAN (1992)”


We are joined this week by special guests Robert and Sheryl Khoo (parents of a co-host of this very podcast) to talk about Mike Judge’s TPS-ridden middle-class satire, Office Space! We talk about our experiences working within soul-crushing bureaucracies, and also the surprising upsides of meetings. We consider the case for Lumbergh and the plightContinue reading “OFFICE SPACE (1999)”


We sit down at the poker table with Anders Schoubye to discuss perhaps the greatest poker movie ever, confronting our true calling, and what the movie gets right, and wrong, about poker and gambling. Who is team Damon and who is team Teddy KGB? Tune in to find out! If you had it to doContinue reading “ROUNDERS (1998)”


We are joined by the writer, director, and producer of The Last Days of Disco, Whit Stillman, to talk about his film, his fascination with complex female friendships and group social life generally, as well as the appeal of shaggy, meandering, narratives. Whit regales us with stories that inspired the film, his experience with disco,Continue reading “THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO (1998)”


The cows hit the links with Tim Gilman (WMBR 88.1 FM Boston) to finish off 1996 with a comedy that just might be a bit deeper than it lets on. Why is Happy so angry? Could it be in reaction to the contempt shown by the moneyed elite to the working class, a response thatContinue reading “HAPPY GILMORE (1996)”

FARGO (1996)

The cows freeze in Minnesota with friend Molly Perkins in this revisit to the Coen Brothers’ 1996 folktale noir. Themes of faith, deception, encounters with the inexplicable, Scandinavian roots, and ecstatic truth are all discussed, along with highlights of favorite supporting cast members and a head-to-head comparison of psycho killers Gaear Grimsrud (Peter Stormare) andContinue reading “FARGO (1996)”

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