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What does it mean to say that a movie is so bad it’s good? Is Twilight (2008) such a movie? We sit down with Matt Strohl (Philosophy, University of Montana), author of the new book “Why It’s OK To Love Bad Movies”, to talk about what it means to love and appreciate the beauty of bad films, and why bad movie love is an important and often overlooked mode of engaging with films. Along the way, we discuss the social aspirations of taste, what makes “Twilight” a potentially conventionally bad film and why those ‘flaws’ also contribute to its artistic achievement. Matt catalogs the various wide-ranging literary references embedded in the films and argues, contra the standard view that they push a conservative viewpoint about sex and marriage, that they are actually incredibly horny. We hope you’ll join us to give this much maligned film a second chance!

You’re like my own personal brand of heroin.

Edward Cullen



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