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It’s time to go back to the Matrix! Join us and David Chalmers (Professor of Philosophy at NYU) to discuss the fourth Matrix film, and distinguish what we like and don’t about its meta- and first-order narrative interpretations. We bring in past and future guest Emily VanDerWerff to provide some broader context about the film and what makes it great, before turning to discuss whether what happens in a simulation is real and whether we can live a good life in a simulation. We also consider whether we are computer programs, what obligations we might have to computer programs, and the nature of human/computer program sex and procreation inside of the Matrix.

Buy David Chalmers’ book on the philosophy of virtual reality!

Justin’s review of The Matrix Resurrections

Emily VanDerWerff on The Matrix Resurrections and trauma

This is about our future, which is a sticky subject given our past.




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