Join the two cows on their journey into the world of fantasy basketball-star-crossover vehicles, featuring guest Vishal Dave! It’s 1996 and Michael Jordan is fresh back from retirement, ready to take on the Monstars and save the NBA from a bunch of talentless hacks. Is there a tragic emptiness at the core of Space Jam, marked by Jordan’s self-destructive quest for dominance? And how does it compare to what might be its polar opposite — Kazaam, a rapping genie movie about a child who comes to accept the imperfections of his parents, starring the ebullient Shaquille O’Neal? Tune in to find out and dig in to some mid-nineties pop classics!

Space Jam

Sometimes all a celebrity hero athlete wants is to live a normal life among the non-sycophantic, except when that person is Michael Jordan, whose legendary competitiveness never met a bet he wouldn’t double down on. Here, the stakes become life and death when MJ wagers a lifetime of having to please fans for the chance to win back his friends’ powers and save the Looney Toons. Not a smart move, but you don’t get to the top without some ill advised bets on yourself. 


Max has three wishes and three father figures to boot, but he isn’t sure whether he ultimately wants to save his biological father, accept his adoptive father, or make friends with his genie father. Shaq is winning as the titular Kazaam, even when making a fool of himself rapping and shooting sparks out of his boombox.

Shoulda seen us last night in Malick’s limo, just chillin, eat goat eyes, just chillin.



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