The two cows start their journey through 1996 at its blockbuster peak, revisiting Roland Emmerich’s game-changing blow everything up alien disaster extravaganza, Independence Day. What made the 1990s such a fertile time for disaster flicks, and what makes ID4 one of the best movie star vehicles ever? The cows also explore neoconservative themes of US military dominance on the world stage, and discuss the case for Randy Quaid being the emotional center of the film. 

Picture, if you will, a more innocent time, when a summer blockbuster in which NY, DC, and LA are gratuitously destroyed, giving rise to a post-Cold War neoconservative fantasy of a world united around American exceptionalism and ingenuity, starring a nerdy, unambitious, Jew and a brash black sitcom star and helmed by an openly gay director known for schlocky sci-fi action, could be the movie hit of the year. Welcome to 1996.

I can fly. I’m pilot.

Russell Casse


3 thoughts on “INDEPENDENCE DAY (1996)

  1. I remember watching Independence Day and loving the destruction scenes. But man the computer virus thing was stupid. I think they made this movie surrounding the scene with the Empire State building blowing up and didn’t really know how to end it. So they came up with… sending a computer virus to the aliens! So let me get this straight. The aliens have a craft that can travel through space… technology that far out-weighs ours. Yet we take it down with a computer virus because they… for some reason, use the same kind of server we do? That is moronic!

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    1. Haha yeah the ending is pretty tidy! It’s also a callback to H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds where the invaders all get sick from our germs (maybe COVID-19 will save us all from any invaders who would dare attempt to destroy us?)

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