The two cows delve into the Black Hills Forest to sort out why the Blair Witch Project was the tenth highest grossing movie of 1999, why it took so long for Hollywood to capitalize on found footage horror, the nature of horror itself and why we desire to be horrified, as well as what makes the Blair Witch Project so especially horrifying.

Early on in their doomed journey into the Black Hills forest, our protagonists’ map goes missing. Previously the province of Heather, leader of this expedition and director of their would-be movie about the Blair Witch, her fellow crew members Mike and Josh seize upon this misfortune to blame her for their predicament — now lost, fear begins to drive them apart. Except that we later learn that Mike discarded the map in the water, an attempt to wrest power away from Heather (she being the only one capable of reading it) and to gaslight her into losing confidence in her own memory of keeping track of it. 

That this is Heather’s expedition, that she is the director, writer, and star, of a documentary that they have been hired to merely assist in, is too much for these men. Like the men of Burkittsville or Salem before them, Josh and Mike attempt to undercut Heather in order to put her back where she belongs (behind them). But, in this case, they’ve inadvertently stumbled upon woods stained with the blood of one vengeful witch, who doesn’t take kindly to interlopers, even those who would follow in her footsteps (metaphorically speaking). // Blobcat

Tell me you’re not eating a dead leaf…



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