The two cows go back to high school to revisit this classic 90s teen comedy and discuss house parties, a real life Trip McNeely story,  and Siskel & Ebert’s rating scale. 

A gay man tries to get his buds to dump their girlfriends so they can spend the summer together, a lovelorn incel pines after a girl he’s never met but is convinced is fated to be with him, a nerd plots to drug and photograph his jock nemesis in a sexually compromised situation, and two social outcasts find themselves stuck together just long enough to realize they’re in love. 

Not quite capable enough to be about anything interesting, although it comes close in a few places: the inevitable frustration of defining your self worth through your relationships, the pathetic yet enviable mistaking of bromide for profundity, the unshakeable specter of high school that continues to shape our choices and understanding of who we are. // Blobcat

Maybe it’s like you said, that all this happened for a reason. 



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