The two cows discuss time travel, religious themes, and the nature of sequels in this action-packed episode. 

It’s fitting that the best sequel ever made is a meta-reflection on dualities and copies. Here, the basic conflict of the first movie is transposed from human vs. machine to reproduction vs. original, as the humans fight against bureaucratic structures and their own drive to create in order to avoid destruction at their own hands, all while hunted by the ultimate reproductive machine and protected by a reproduction of something originally designed to hunt them. 

This is also a movie about cyclical dualities: man/machine, parent/child, creation/destruction, past/future. The immaculate conception closed causal loop of John Connor’s birth from the original is revealed to be just one side of the equation: Skynet’s own existence is due to a closed causal loop as well—their shared origins presaging their  intertwined fates. // Blobcat

I swear I will not kill anyone. 



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